Interested in a professional open-air photo booth for your next special occasion? Find out more!

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The backdrop is the cornerstone of your photos. We have a large variety of solid and textured backdrops to choose from.  (Too many, actually.)  We will strive to match the color and atmosphere of your event.  In the unlikely chance that one of our colors  won't work for you, we'll do our best to find one that does work.

Classy Classic Backdrops

Ahhh, the classics.  You can't go wrong with a solid black, white or gray backdrop.  Simple, classy, and elegant for all occasions.  Of course, these are included in our no muss, no fuss pricing.  

Fun-loving Solid Color Backdrops

Spruce things up a bit with a splash of color.  So many to choose from!  And included in our no muss, no fuss pricing.

Textured Backdrops

Add retro vibes or sparkly glamor!  For a slight up-charge, you can select one of our textured backdrops.  

Step and Repeat Backdrops (aka Hollywood Style!)

Give your  event red carpet flair with a custom step and repeat backdrop. They’re perfect for movie premieres, press conferences, corporate events, parties, weddings, and other important occasions. Feature your custom logo, company name, birthday message, etc.  Plus, we'll even throw in the red carpet .

These backdrops are more costly to produce so there is an upgrade charge, but hey!  Hollywood style is worth it!  Visit our pricing page for the details.

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